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I,ve decided to go for the endless sheet solution,as sugested by Sweibertje, which I tried out last W/E,and was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use. At first I had expected all that rope to get in the way,but of course it did’nt. Also I’ve adopted a very simple way of attaching the ends of the sheet, which the very helpfull assistant at Pinnell and Bax surgested. All you do is thread each end through the cringle from opposite sides, and then tie a figure of eight knot, super.

On the test sail it all worked very well, although Ithink I shall shorten the sheet when I’m sure of the best length tomake it.

The figure of eight knots did’nt pull through either, so I think all in all a very good result.
One of the not so obvious advantages of this forum, is the ability to use it as a sounding board to confirm or otherwise, your own ideas. But it’s still nice to get sugestions and advice from other members.

Thanks for your imput. Roger.