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I currently use a reef-able Genoa system (Bartels) but on my old boat I used to have a separate Genoa and a small Jib. The system I use to attach the sheet is called, hold on to your hat, “knots”.

In the old situation I had only the tacks of both sails fixed to the bow. When changing I had to re-attach the sheet and the halyard. The unused sail was warped and then stored like a sausage over the deck. I have always used a single or continues sheeting system. If you loose your sheet with a dual sheeting system you have to move to leeward to grab it. In heavy winds that holds the risk of a capsize, not so with a continues sheet which you can always grab next to your knee, even when hiked out.

With dual sheets there is a clever system where you twine the middle of the sheet in to a loop with a short second piece of sheet. The loop goes through the sail and the extra piece of sheet goes through the loop it preventing the loop from sliding out of the sail. To secure this knot, a plastic stopper at the end of the short piece of sheet ensures it won’t slide out of the loop. With the loop tight the stopper cannot pass the loop. Perhaps it is better explained by a picture, have a look at the third picture (scroll down) here: Wayfarer Institute of Technology (WIT)