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Also keep an eye on the Aero luff spar, recently discussed here. I think it is a promising new technology by Ralph Roberts, and much more cost effective then the Bartels system. But, unless you go for Bartels (ludicrously strong), you need at least a Harken High load drum and swivel. The standard Harken version and all other popular brands just don’t furl under full rig tension.

BTW, you save on the costs of sails if you decide on a ‘reef-able’ system. You don’t need a separate Genoa, jib and storm-jib. When you look at it this way, a reefing system isn’t as expensive as it may seem.

I sail a lot on the river Meuss. This is a river lined by big oak trees. These trees let the wind slowly increase when you approach one. Then the wind suddenly drops to zero when you pass it, only to hit you at double force again when you have passed it, then the wind goes slowly down again until you get to the next tree. Before I had my reefing system a partially rolled sail would unroll at each and every tree. A fully rolled head sail at the third or fourth tree. If it happens you are stuck with a blob of cloth at the drum and a full sail above it. By now it has become all but impossible to get it down while you are screaming along, straight towards a professional barge. 👿 Having experienced this, I want the best, most reliable, reefing system available, just for my peace of mind. In my view that is any system that has a rigid connection between the drum and the swivel with a minimum of twist. The system should be strong enough to void the use of a secondary fore stay because it always gets caught by the sail when it is rolled, even with the use of (Mickey Mouse designed) stand-offs, bungees and what not. A head sail should furl around the stay .