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Excellent advice on the forestay! Perhaps we’re all just “very superstitious” in wanting our belt and braces … Another example could be the insistence of bouyancy testing prior to the most supervised form of W sailing of all – racing.
So that’s even more time and effort you’ve saved me Swiebertje. As it is I think of you gratefully everytime I put my mast away, now I can thank you everytime I put it up too.
On the other point: don’t be distracted by the shackle on the photo folks – that’s the head of the sail before I re-jigged it, and I’m not sure why there was a shackle there – but it aint there no more. The picture is just to show you the additional luff tube sewn onto the front of the sail. there was a sweet little cleat on the sail to adjust the luff tension at the foot.

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