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Why iron where a bit or rope suffices? Besides, a rope allows you to drop and adjust the sail so it closes the gap between the foot and the deck, the sail is more efficient that way. I use a rope purchase (several loops) of 3 mm rope to ease leech tension adjustment. (Please note that leech tension is not the same as rig tension).

Why trouble with CD’s and bungees at all?
If you have a furler there is no need for a double stay. Just use the stay that the sails furls around and get rid of the other one. It makes life so much easier!
And please don’t mention the safety factor of a double stay! I have explained many times why that argument doesn’t fly. Even ocean going yachts sail around the world with only a single stay. Just make sure your (single) stay is in mint condition and strong enough for the job before you leave port. My second stay only goes up during races and only because the rules require it. It is the most useless piece of equipment on my boat. Even a little plastic ducky is more useful, it makes people smile when towed, the stay does not!