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Sorry you feel like that, yes there are other systems available, this was written to help others and was as impartial as I could muster bearing in mind I am not a journalist with a complimentary version of every system at my finger tips to do a full cross-comparision review which admittedly would have been ideal and, I suspect, a great deal of fun, so indeed my article should be read in context:

A reefing headsail could be considered a luxury but is comparable in cost to having a genoa/jib/storm-jib foresail set. As we recently retired our old sails for new cloth it was an ideal opportunity to chose the solution that maximised the weather we could sail in with minimum complexity within the same budget. It would be very hard to justify the cost if we already had a good set of headsails.

I am a paying client and carefully considered all the dinghy/small yacht systems on the market I was aware of, speaking (or emailing) with each of the relevant manufacturers and reading all the existing reviews and advice that I could and including reading the patents and discussing with Jon at Edge sails about his experiences with reefing wayfarer headsails and I even considered engineering something myself before finally opting for the Aeroluff spar system. Indeed had to wait almost 6 months from first speaking with Ralph before the version I really wanted would be available which is why our new headsail hasnt yet been modifed. Mine was a very carefully considered purchase and certainly not primarily made on the basis on how much green was in my wallet; I wanted a lightweight, easy to fit, well-engineered, effective and aesthetically pleasing product from a manufacturer who could be communicated with should the need arise.

In spite of advertising in the Wayfarer magazine regularly there was and currently is still pitifully little online about the Aeroluff system and as one of the first people in the country to have this brand new version I felt it was worth writing the review for the benefit of others and for no other reward or hidden agenda.

Much of what I said would apply to other systems too – such as the modifications to the sail , setting to the correct size and making sure the reefing line holds fast etc.

So yes it is imbalanced in terms of only looking at the one product which I freely admit and stated at the end of the article so if you read it out of context then you could assume it to be biased, but from my persective it is offered as my own opinion based on fact and real-life experience and was purchased after analysing the other available systems and is intended to be read with the other systems reviews published elsewhere.