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Yes a CD could be used but it must be held perpendicular to the halyard to do its job so a simple CD would need something to fix it properly. The amount of spacing and the tension required (in my experience) would require a robust mounting to stop it twisting away and breaking.

I see that RWO make one that fits on their top swivel … R2070.html.

Dean I suggest the difficulty with your bungy rope idea might be making an attachment to a featureless length of fore-stay and the amount of force needed to be applied at an un-oppertune angle needed to pull it out of the way. I like your thinking however.

A word in defence of the Selden furler and top-swivel; I have tensioned my rig to suit “heavy weather” in the Wayfarer Book which means about 130kg in the shrouds, so I guess something similar, possibly more in the genoa halyard and I have had no problem with rolling the sail away with the system under load. I have not added any extra lubrication, it just works. I don’t doubt that the Harken High-Load kit is superior engineering (most of my blocks are Harken) but the Selden kit seems to do the job.

My question remains unanswered, who has had a furler or forestay fail? Is there a strong case, based on experience for keeping a wire forestay in place once the genoa/ jib halyard is tensioned?