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Hello, I too bought a Selden furling drum and top swivel; the Harken High Load one is three times the price of the Selden one so I am sure it is a common decision.

Initially I had the same problem, that the forestay was getting rolled into the sail. I tried unclipping the forestay and securing it to an eye I screwed onto the deck about 100mm away from the bow (right on the edge) through which I have led the furling line, but it still got rolled in. I too considered removing the forestay completely or replacing it with a rope that I could detach and bring back to the mast once the genoa is up and tensioned, Laser 2000-style (I am still thinking about that, there is another thread on this topic).

In the end I had the forestay shortened enough to allow room for a lanyard of 3mm Dayneema that I tighten once the genoa halyard is tensioned. By grinding up the lanyard tight, I find that the wire loopy hold-off thingy on the top swivel does keep the forestay out of the sail, but if I forget to slacken the lanyard off in the right sequence when I take the tension off the halyard, the half-hitches I use to tie off the lanyard almost weld themselves into the Dayneema; I had to resort to cutting the lanyard on one occasion. So it’s not perfect but I hope to work on ways to make it better once the ice on the lake thaws.

Removing the forestay would make bridge-shooting much easier, others have said I should keep the forestay as a safety stand-by in case something breaks. I don’t have stand-by shrouds.

I wonder what the statistics are of a furling/reefing drum or top swivel failing? Has anyone had a forestay malfunction that could/did result in the mast coming down? What was the nature of the fault?