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Andrew Morrice

Wow I seem to have started a pretty interesting discussion here!

It is so helpful to see how a topic develops when you start from one point and learn a lot of other things on the way.

At present “The Reefing Issue” for us is to ensure that I’m not prevented going out on breezier days by the inability to power the boat down for my young crew. Also I want to maximise days when they can practice helming. I made the mistake eariler in the summer of setting off with my daughter in an unreefed RS Vision and it took me a couple of weeks to get her back in the boat. My technique has improved a lot since then, as has her enjoyment of hiking out and whooping, but it was a salutory lesson! I could easily have put a very promising young sailor off for life. Silly Daddy.

Currently I’m not going to be doing anything very advanced, but I have a tendency to think ahead about what kit will be best. I have found this approach works well with power tools – I’m always glad to have got the good tool for a job I didn’t yet have in mind! However, I dont’ think it will be long before we are wanting to tackle day sails and maybe cruises, or maybe races (this is why we bought a Wayfarer!).

By the way, Swieibertje, what does your “sign off” say – I’m guessing its ” with friendly greetings ” or something of the kind.

cheers folks.