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Colin May has kindly phoned me and talked me through going to “events” and clicking on the green arrows to find more info. Club looks great but like many we would require camping with toilet facilities so while its generous of the YC member to offer camping in his garden frankly its not going to cut it for us.

Happy to pay the ferry for a weeks event and tagging some holiday/touring/travelling from a camp site on both weekends (as we did for the 2001 Internationals) but for us just 4 days and no local camp site its a no go. Pity as I have a great affection for the Irish and their hospitality and I am sure Monica will organise a great event.

Looks like its just the regional events for us next year and Poole Week (good news is that Parkstone are steadily gaining in Wayfarer numbers both conventional boats and the Hartley’s). Would be interested in doing another week like Falmouth if there were sufficient Wayfarer numbers.

I do hope others can support Ireland as 116 boats in 2010 to say 30 the next year will not reflect well in any Wayfarer publicity.