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Can I express my concern regarding the nationals in Ireland.

It would be such a shame if the momentum given to the class by the massive turnout at Weymouth is reversed in less than 12 months by a poor turnout in Ireland.

I would not wish to preclude Ireland as the Internationals held in 2001? in N Ireland was one of the best events we have ever attended. So friendly and well organised.

I am happy to book my place now if I knew that there was a reasonable ferry cost and local camping but so far have only heard rumours that there is no local camp site and while a discount ferry is being talked about there are no details yet.

I am currently under family pressures to book a holiday for 2011 and would ideally go for an extended sailing holiday in S Brittany in July.

My understanding is that many are awaiting the answers on camping and ferry costs but unless some info is forthcoming soon I think many will have made other arrangements.