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Colin Parkstone

Me, with the main up if possible,saves all that messing about in the water and on our crowded slipway at the club with many boats behind you waiting it’s the best way.

Also a southwest facing slipway which makes life easier. Lucky Us !

Coming in we take down the main and sail in slower than the rest as it’s often down wind and the slip is CONCRETE ? and that hurts !! 😥

I used to sail at Highcllife S C and we did it each time from the slipway of mud they have, that was southwestery ish also.

C P ‘A Racer not a Purist ‘

Ps, A trick I have found that works well!

On a deep water slip while waiting for the crew to have put the trolly ashore I try and hold the boat by the shroud as it is not so deep.

Trouble can be that the boats sails will pull it out you hands sideways as your not on the bow and head to wind.

What I do is to hold the mainsheet with one hand and the shroud with the other.

When it starts to bare away with wind in the sail I pull in the mainsheet and fill the sail SOME!!

This then rounds the bow into wind.

Do not sheet in hard, just enough to slowly round the bow and not tack.

I am a big guy and that may help but give it a try in lighter stuff first to give you confidance, it may be of help?