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Hi Folks,

I agree with a lot of what has been said above, especially the fact that not having a Shoreham event resulted in lower numbers being eligible for the series.

I also believe that having the nationals as the pinnacle of the years sailing should be seen a fundamental premise – it should be set in stone. However, that should not stop the nationals from being an eligible event for the series – I havent had a look at the results from all of the events, but if we had a look at this year and last year and included the Nationals as one of the events, with the best 4 to count would there be a higher number of eligible boats for the overall series?

Including the nationals as one of the events would, I believe, result in a higher number of eligible boats for the series – you are more likely to get the highest number of entries at the nationals, so if boats only had to compete in the Nationals plus three other events, rather than 4 Open events, you would get more eligible boats – I believe that in most normal years (i.e. Nationals sailed in GB rather than Ireland) all who are eligible for the Series will also enter the nationals…….

In 2011, there were 4 eligible boats (but Brian Lamb and John Goudie would also have been eligible if ‘Option 3’ applied and Quentin Strauss and Mike Pearce would only have been one event away (Shoreham, perhaps?) from being eligible)
In 2010, there were only 9 eligible boats, and all 6 Opens were sailed. There were an additional 6 boats who sailed in only three events, and at least 5 of these sailed at the nationals. So including the Nationals as per Option 3, in 2010 would have resulted in over a 50% increase in boats eligible for the Series. Notwithstanding this, only having 9 boats eligible for the National Series is pretty poor.

I think the committee should grab the bull by the horns and keep the 6 events, plus the Nationals, but have the best 4 events to count for the Series – there will definitely be a higher number of eligible boats and the winner of the nationlas will seen be seen as the Overall Wayfarer National Champion

I would ask people to vote for option 3 and see if it works. If it doesnt, we can always go back to the same old same old……….