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Colin Parkstone

You maybe right Steve and five people do turn in enough but thats just not many to justify more meetings.
Work out why people do not turn out and fix that first because if I have to go to more meetings to string together a series it will put me off I am so sorry to say!! And I like Opens!!!
The challenge of going to a new venue and picking your wits against others is great, and to find your place in the fleet made up from members of other clubs you may never see from one month to next.
It is a pity that more people cannot do the opens,when you look at other fleets who do turn out well and see what they enjoy, i wonder why the Wayfarer people do not want to enjoy the same thing.
Are we all as a fleet just getting on a bit and have done it all before ? Ok! well maybe I am!
One hope I have with the new boat is that people who spend out on a new boat will want to use it as much as possible and so relight the open torch.