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Colin Parkstone

I voted for number one, its the least number of opens that the series will need to make it worth while for all the work that Mike has to do.
First of all we have to prove to the clubs we ask that we will turn out and make it worth their time and money to run, this we just cannot do at this time as one look at the numbers will show.
Only four out of the eighty four entrants are in contention with enough meetings done!!!
I would say that the costs for traveling are becoming out of reach for some people and this maybe one of the reasons the numbers are low.
Also, if your not in partnership in a boat, crew and helm, the cost could be falling on one owner who maybe having to foot the total bill.
I would say that we should not to take on more opens at this time until the numbers can backup an increase.
Opens are great fun to do, I have done many in the past but money is short for all but if you can go, Do!!
I just do not see that putting the Nationals in the mix will add more people to the Traveling Series, not if the Champs are over a week because in this climate I see people choosing to do either the opens OR a small amount of opens and the Champs.
A weekend champs maybe, but we still dont have the numbers.
Maybe a pole to ask WHY people go to Opens or not may help to understand things!