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@Geof wrote:

If this rule is passed, it is not clear to me whether I can carry a GPS in recording mode and look at it later.
I would welcome comments on that one.

It seems to me that leaving a GPS on in record mode does constitute ‘use’ (as generally understood) therefore is prohibited by the new rule. Indeed, any device that uses GPS was as much prohibited by the old rule as it is proposed to be under the new rule. Ditto other satellite or radio beacon based position finders/trackers, VHF and mobile phones.
@John1162 wrote:

This means that the tacktick micro compass is allowed but the racemaster is not.

By my reading the Tacktick Racemaster was prohibited under the old rule but would be allowed under the new rule,
1. Isn’t this contradictory to:-
@Steve Collins wrote:

banning of sophisticated electronic aides

2. We use Tacktick Racemasters quite a bit on Dragons now, and Melges in the past. It has to be said we, like many others, don’t see value in setting (or adjusting) the wind direction or tacking angles.

In the past, being slightly sad, we have gone out to the race area before a regatta armed with tide sticks and GPS to better learn and make paper notes about the ‘lie of the land’. Incidentally this was not in a Wayfarer but in a class that allowed GPS whilst racing.