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Colin Parkstone

Just looking at your words 7688, you say ‘store /use the tacking angle’ Id say the Micro only reads out the changes in the Tacking angle but does not store it for a later date like the compass reads out it bearing but not stores it???

It will tell you what the changes are from a remembered bearing when in Tactic Mode and so the amount of movement in the wind, ie you can have it set for i think 5d or 8d.

I see that only telling you something instead of you having to do the maths in your head from an angle you wrote down before.
As that mean angle can change anyway, we still have work to do work to come up with a new mean angle, its not done for us.

What I dont like is a electronic thing telling you how fare to the line, what angle to sail, when to leave ect, Think that’s what we are trying to stop.
A point worth remembering, these rules cannot have any amendments to them at the AGM, we vote on the rule.
Do we think the new rule is better and nearer to what is meant for the class or is the old rule better??? Thats what im trying to work out. 😕