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@John1162 wrote:

Your Micronet Race Master has the ability to capture the Line Perpendicular (the heading at right angles to windward of the start line) and to display the Line Bias angle and the favoured end of the line.

You are more upto date than I am, this is an add to later models, agreed this makes those out of class under the proposed rule. Though, it is only doing the maths you can do in your head.
@Swiebertje wrote:

Velocitec proStart

No! It uses GPS and is banned already.
@Colin Parkstone wrote:

how about just doing the best we can ourselves?

@Geof wrote:

I was not planning to use it for the next race of the day but to analyse it after getting home.

@7588 wrote:

It seems to me that leaving a GPS on in record mode does constitute ‘use’ (as generally understood) therefore is prohibited by the new rule