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Make sure the hatch is on tight and hold a vacuum cleaner that blows or lilo inflator about 2″ from the bung hole. Careful not to hold it too close or you’ll blow the tank up you just want to slightly pressurise it. Make up a solution of 10% washing up liquid with water and paint on all the seams going round thoroughly. Swiebertje blows but I like to look for the leaks at my leisure and without passing out! You’ll get bubbles where the leaks is/are. Alternatively use smoke pellets from plumbers merchants on a tin so you don’t burn the boat. To mend use eopxy/silica filler making sure surfaces are dry (hair dryer) and abraded as best you can or maybe sikaflex. Make sure as well as testing deck-hull join and bulkhead you do bottom brass rubbing strip as screws can cause leak along keel. Good luck – it shouldn’t be a massive job! Robert