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Colin Parkstone

Watch Out Dom!
The Dutch Sikaflex lover 😡 will be along in a second with tails of Doom and Gloom about bathroom sealant, he is right as it is not too good in the long run!

If you have time and want the job to last the season, glass tape and resin is a good way to go but do abrade well before hand.

A trick to use when bonding a tank edge is to put some form of vacum to the tank when you wet out the grp/resin, it will pull some of the resin into the gap and help to seal it better.

Try a mix of resin and resin filler first,suck it into the gaps then stop the suction,then bond the joint.

I am not sure about Sikaflex as a gap filler, more of a bonding glue I would say.

C P 🙂