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Where are you located Tony? Only I have a mate who is a trained boat-builder but that’s no good if you are not in the South-East.

Where are the cracks? You say through the bearers but I assume they are a separation of the longitudinal members above the bilge keels (as you say, no doubt caused by a trailer set-up problem). If so the re-attachment is not too difficult but you would need to get the boat somewhere warm and dry to give the resin a chance to cure at this time of year.

It’s probably best to remove the members completely and then re-bond them to ensure that they can be laminated back really well and to do that you would need to support the hull carefully so that the shape is preserved. If you are in the southish part of the country, then Hartleys might be able to help you, otherwise I have heard quite good things about Pinnell and Bax in Northampton.

Good luck!