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Colin Parkstone wrote:
Sail Free, You talk about all this friction where is it,in what ??

When are you letting the halyard go ? Does the spi not drop down when you uncleat the halyard ?
Do you take up the slack in the downhaul before you let off the halyard?

Al, why are you bothering with the pole height just too stow it or is it the only way to lower the spi into the chute ?

C P 😕

Colin – we did have limited experience on our one excursion last Saturday but the spinnaker seemed to want to keep flying against a taught downhaul and not collapse – hence my question.

Just seen a photo of Michael Macs boat and notice that he has gone back to using spinnaker bags and not using the chute at all!

Obviously its all not so easy as some think!

Interested in others replies especially from experience racers that do use the spinnaker shute