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Colin Parkstone

Use the sheet and the pole to hold up the foot of the spi by leaving the pole in till the spi is on its way into the chute.

When your lowering the the spi, pull back the pole and the sheet so the foot is held up against the forestay, not hard but tort.
Then the halyard is released and the downhaul pulled into the chute with the spi following.

The spi is then in half and going down the chute.

When it is about to pull against the clews at the pole end and tort sheet, release both sheet and guy, through the pole which is still in position and feed sheet and guy till most of the spi is in the chute.

NOW! take out the pole.

Think people are taking the pole out too soon, leave it much longer than before and use it to hold the spi up and out of the water. I Think!!

Two points to think about and maybe try,

Can the crew pull down the spi instead of the helm ?? RS 200/400 way? Helm holds the sheet and then releases it at right time, then releases the guy through the pole.
Crew then stowes the pole after ?

How about a double patch system for the downhaul, RS 200 again??

C P 😕