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Thanks all

Steve – very useful and just what I need. I now am in process of obtaining the RYA material for reading in the dark months ahead! I have just been reading everything I can on inversions and masthead buoyancy. It seems to me VHF radio in a pocket is a must. Secondly adequate masthead bouyancy – I currently just tie large plastic bottles to the main halyard – I really do not care what it looks like I reckon it will do for paddling around on my local pond and until I am convinced about other very expensive technical solutions will stay. Flares – adding to shopping list. I will look to find some like minded Wayfarers in Poole harbour. As to storm jib I inherited one with boat – yet to try it.

Mark – Cruising for beginners sounds just the job. Where do I find more info.

Steve – My current gear is capable of handling full mountain storms and is not dissimilar. My concern is what happens in capsize. Reading accounts of such wayfarer episodes exhaustion and hypothermia quickly set in if not able to recover capsize in first or second attempt. Drysuit would be ideal here but would I wear it for a normal cruise and apparently once damaged not much use. A wetsuit out of water is not pleasant after an hour or two. I am not sure there is an easy answer. Wool seems to be the best bet protected by quality waterproofs and is my staple kit anyway. Fleece is great where generating own body heat in moderate temperatures but just does not cut it in extreme conditions. Feet I agree Crocs or similar (I have Vibram Five Fingers which are superb for anything if a tad pricey). As weather turns cooler I suspect something else may re required…

I got caught out in a viscous late summer squall yesterday lasting a couple of minutes on local puddle and quickly found what I had deemed over the top clothing was only just sufficient whilst my young crew learnt a harsh lesson about listening to advice about donning windproofs even thoughK it started as a beautiful sunny day. By such incidents wisdom is accrued!

On a different tack what is the view about centre mainsheet (as I have) for cruising. I have read of difficulties in this restricting cross boat movement for crew in tacks?