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Mark Foreman

Hi Revoli,

I strongly recommend joining in some of the cruising activities organised by UKWA members. Since getting Red Fox last September, I have attended the Calshot meeting for Cruising for Beginners and taken our family of 5 to the Ullswater Family Gathering. At both of these events there were a range of sailors with widely varying levels of experience and more importantly, space in boats. If you do not have the confidence or experience to keep up in your own boat then, most likely, others will be more than willing to take you aboard – though it makes sense to discuss your needs with the event organiser before signing up! For us, it has been a great way to build up experience and we feel we are making fast progress because valuable knowledge is so freely shared. The best part is that we are finding Wayfarer sailors to be incredibly friendly, open and sociable people. Most sail in pairs or small fleets, I guess as much for the company as for the added security it gives when there is no safety boat.

Just one last bit of advice. Don’t overdo the socials – I still haven’t fully recovered from my Ullswater hangover…

Hope you enjoy the new chapter as much as we are.