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Bob Harland

@Mark Foreman wrote:

Although Frank Dye would be turning in his grave I also think that the EU have got it right by classifying the Wayfarer as Category C suitable for inshore waters and winds up to Force 6. Remember that Force 6 is described as a small boat’s gale.

When was the classification made and what are the implications? Obviously there are quite a few sailors who go ‘offshore’.

The classification for the Wayfarer was made in the late 90’s – the Wayfarer went into Category C, if you look at the other categories, C was the highest the boat could have got into.

Design CategoryWind force (Beaufort scale)Significant wave height (H?, metres)
A—`Ocean’ wind exceeding F8, wave height exceeding 4m
B—`Offshore’ wind up to, and including, F8 wave height up to, and including, 4m
C—`Inshore’ wind up to, and including, F6 wave height up to, and including, 2m
D—`Sheltered waters’ wind up to, and including, F 4 wave height up to, and including, 0.5m

At the time, it looked like the classification could be used to restrict where we could sail the Wayfarer. Getting into Category C was important for the cruisers. There don’t seem to be any plans at the moment in the UK to police where people sail their boats, but this could change.
Insurance companies used to make their own rules, as far as I know cover for uk and coastal waters is ok – cross channel/ north sea is not.