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Dave Barker

Never mind the bulwarks – cleats or no cleats there still needs to be a fairlead, and the sheet running from clew to fairlead seems to be the issue (or at least how to keep it out of the way).

If you do a Google image search for “Wayfarer dinghy” you’ll quickly find numerous boats with the black “D” shaped fairleads on the outer aft edges of the foredeck just inside the shrouds. Sails cut to fit this arrangement won’t set correctly with bench mounted ‘leads and vice versa, at least not without a bit of tweaking, perhaps with strops and/or barberhaulers… Yes there will be a compromise in pointing and when reaching. Your choice.

Another perfectly rational way to deal with this would be to sail without the genoa. No clutter, great forward visibility, poor performance. Again it’s a choice. If you want a fast boat, rig it like a racer, if you want a family cruising boat you’ll need to compromise somewhere. Maybe just persuade your crew to work around the boat’s systems.

Rigging the mainsheet to the transom (“aft sheeting”) would be my choice to maximise space in the boat, incidentally.

If a plethora of solutions really puts people off sailing, tempest51, then the Wayfarer isn’t the right boat for them – I don’t think I’ve seen two the same! But typically smiles all round in a W.