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I bought a Mk I reefing kit from Rob Helyar. It came with a Harken HK163 bottom furler @ £105 and RWO top furler swivel @ £26 along with the MKI reefing tube which slides over your existing wire genoa luff with no alteration.

I normally run around 140kg ish on the shrouds and have reefed in F4 gusting F6 without any problems yet, touch wood. I always retension my forestay (which I never remove),as tight as I can get it, after tensioning the genoa with a Highfield Lever.

Having the genoa furled when leaving and approaching the shore makes life so much easier I can’t imagine life without it. I’m sure the MkI reefing spar is a little less aerodynamic than the MKII, but being able to reduce the the foresail with the pull of a string is a great safety feature and we still seem to be able (on a good day) to keep up with the 420’s on a beat.

Regards, Davdor