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Colin Parkstone

Ahh! The dreaded cold feet problem!! Thats the one thing about sailing that drive me to the shore faster than a Moth on a Foil!!! How does one keep dry on the feet and in turn warm???????
I too have had the ankle type boot that your body heat is supposed to warm the water thats in it but what if you have bad circulation ?? Cold wet feet! They also have soft soles and ware in a season!!
I used to sail with boots and socks, launch with boot on then dry feet and put on socks. Worked well but such a Faf!!!
Been thinking about the bottom of a dry suit type garment with dry feet which could have some way of letting water out if you fell in and filled up !! Is it out there???
It would keep one dry and warm when launching and sailing yet not sink one!! I too just want dry warm feet!!!!
Latest item i have seen is waterproof socks, saw them on a lad at the Boatshow who was standing in water up to his ankle.
He showed us his dry feet so they did seam to work?? Things students do for drinking money or to pay off the loan!!
Have been told that if the water gets over the top and in, Cold Wet Feet Again!!!