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I carry a small job as well as a genoa, and often find myself swapping sails whilst underway.
As I sail a World, the spinny chute comes in handy for quickly stuffing the spare sail down under the deck.
I have fairleads fitted on the aft end of the foredeck that I use when flying the jib- otherwise the foot flaps like crazy. As Sweidbert says, it will depend on the cut of your jib!

My usual tactic for a sail change is to, ideally, have anticipated the need to do so and have the other sail already clipped on at the bow. Then get your crew to swap the windward (slack) sheet onto the spare sail. Put in a tack, and drop the working sail from a hove-to position. This helps stop it falling into the water. Tidy it up, swap the remaining sheet and the halyard, and then let the sheets go as you haul it up.
I use a muscle box and don’t normally have any problems getting the hook on, although I can struggle to get really good tension on the luff if the main is flying, but there’s not much you can do about that.