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Hi Mike,

what an interesting post – I see that kind of issue in all the clubs I have visited. You tend to see boats that clearly are just rotting away. I found it irritating, because, at the time, I wanted to buy one, and it seemed a shame to see so many unused ones, left turning slowly green, under decaying covers. Before you know it, you have a three year renovation on your hands… 😉

I wonder if the first step, is to decide if these people are really that interested in sailing at all? What is the reason they don’t do it, given they hold a boat and remain a club member? Finding out might be tricky, but asking them might be a good place to start. If you could come up with a questionnaire that might provide something interesting to work with. Focus on the “why” over the “what” and see if you get any good feedback. If you think the club has enough of an on-line community, then that might offer a way to find out (e.g. forums or you could try survey monkey etc.). Otherwise, on paper and included with a news letter perhaps.

I guess that time (or the inclination to find it) seems the most obvious barrier, but often the real reasons are not clear unless you ask. Some people may have issues that a club might be able to help with, such as finding like minded crew. A sense of involvement and commitment seems easier to get in racing, given it attracts a competitive result, but what of cruising? I would chose to cruise to avoid competition…

I would be interested in anything you find out…