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Not sure if Swiebertje is on holiday, so to save you holding your breath any longer, the answer using the Super Shute is no, all of the bailer is inside the boat and the countersunk bolts are set into the GRP of the hull and clamp the bailer against the inside surface. S was suggesting using one of the rubbers as a template to mark out the hole on the outside of the hull.

It is impossible to do this job on your own, you need someone on each side of the hull, one holding a screwdriver to the bolts whilst another uses a spanner to tighten down onto the Sikaflex. I used Nylock nuts (the type with a nylon insert so they won’t shake loose) but the Sikaflex probably would prevent ordinary nuts from moving.

Wear gloves, Swiebertje is right, once it is in the pores of your skin and under your nails Sikaflex is there for ages.

Make sure it is facing the right way!