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Colin Parkstone

I would like to ask why the rule will not allow a jib stick to be carried as well as a spi pole.
The best jib stick length is not the same as a spi pole and so it cannot be used as a jib pole.
The way it is done at the moment is to hold the jib sheet around the outside of the windward shroud so as to put it in the best position for goosewinging.
The time when you will need to use a jib pole is windy weather, the time when some people do not feel they can use a spinnaker so would like to balance the boat downwind with the jib boomed out.
To hold the jib sheet outboard the crew has to be on the windward side of the boat and that is the same side as the helm will be.
I would say that best rule change should include that a jib pole can be carried as well as a spi, or spi poles so as to give the less confident the safest option in strong winds to balance the boat down wind in the interest of good seamanship.
ps, Australia is no better weather wise at the moment so i cannot crow about having a better time than you all. Cheers!!