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Colin Parkstone

My Euro worth, The opens and people in the Wayfarer class are great, fun weekends with like minded people who have kept me in the fleet for the longest time of any boat I have sailed.

We are at the moment going through a big change in the class with the new boat and many people of long standing have not seen the boat in a good light as they perseive the boat to be the only one to have.

With money being very tight to spend on new boats and the fuel to travel them, I have seen that they have moved on or kept at home this last couple of years, Id say, understandable!!

The Champs at Weymouth was a one off and jolly good it was too but we have come back to land again and I feel we all need to maybe understand that its not going to be like that again for a while but it will not be for the want of trying.

At our club we expect to see our 15th and maybe 16th new Hartley boat next season and it has already changed the class to much closer racing. We all have the same toys in our prams!!

New people have joined the fleet with them and lots of us have changed to them. We are perceived as a new class to consider and take notice of with many good coments for the boat.
I foresee that the boat at ours and many other clubs will steadly grow to be nearer to what it was with good home sailing being had by lots of people.

This I am hoping will also filter down,or up to the Opens and Champs as people get used to the boat and want to challenge themselves a little bit more.

Remember the type of boat the Wayfarer is, its not an out an out racing boat which you will have only bought for racing, it is so much more and so will spread itself wider than just the Racing side of life.

I will say that I only race mine and its what I bought it for so I wish for the best racing the class can run and I can afford to do!! Hope to see you more next year and we will try to bring along more of ours to test the waters!