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Unfortunately, I damaged my hand recently and,therefore, have had a little time (on my damaged hands) to browse the forum. Looking at the attendances to date at the 4 outings for the National Series, the max attendance at any event was 18 helms with an average attendance of the 4 events of 16 (18,15,16,15). Altogether 44 helm have participated in 1 or more of the 4 events yet the DNC is set at 79. Why?

Only 1 helm has managed to attend all 4 events and only 4 have managed 3.

Looking at the overall results sheet and being realistic, only 5 sailors currently have a chance to take overall honours at the 5th event in Bough Beech. This is possibly a discouragement to people to attend more events when they are penalised so severely for not attending one.

By reducing a sailors DNC score at an event to 1 more than the actual no. of participants, (eg, In Royal Harwich, 18 participants, therefore DNC 19.) the score for the 6th placed helm would be 20 points, while 14th place would have 42 points. This puts far more people in overall contention despite missing 1 of the events and might encourage them to attend the other events despite missing one. As it stands, I think that perhaps the penalty is so severe for missing an event it might actually discourage participation in further events.

I know that the current scoring system is in line with International practice, and that there are lots of reasons for non-participation in an individual event, and I’m not an active racer (so what do I know?) but would a modified scoring system encourage more participation at events? What do people think? Regards and sorry for the long post. Dave Doran.