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With numbers sold I can understand the lasers, toppers and RS200 being at the top of the list for numbers attending the Nationals but the Wayfarer at 64th – that is disappointing.

Is it just the boat or do the other classes do something else better than us? Can anyone who is involved in other classes Nationals comment

The event at Weymouth shows what can be achieved – what went so right there – was it Richard Hartleys added involvment and sponsership or the Venue? The next Internationals will be across the Atlantic so it possibly won’t be as well attended as a European one. Is there one that alternates between countries called “The European Championship”.

The best events that we have attended are ones where there is cheap local accomodation including camping and a good turnout. For us with lots of other commitments making it one of a weeks summer holiday’s that we blot out in the calender is better than the travelling and rushing around to compete in a weekend event. A weekend event would be more attractive if it was a long bank holiday weekend. Both Poole Wk and Falmouth Wk have been consistantly good. Both had a good social programme and Robin Barker was always good at marketing Falmouth!

My understanding is that the Mk4 is selling well so there should be an increasingly large pool of possible participants both from the new boats and those sold on secondhand.

Poole wk was so enjoyable at Parkstone and as Colin says the fleet is getting bigger. This may be a factor in discouraging travelling for a weekend event as its hard to justify the packing up and travelling etc for just an extra 3 races at another venue instead of the almost guaranteed good home club race.

Cannot help but think a major part must be encouraging more to sail and race Wayfarers at club level. A suggestion is to video aspects of major events and get someone like Mike Mac or Ian Porter to do a debriefing of incidents and indiviuals after the race to demonstrate where we can all improve. That way coaching can be part of the competition instead of a separate event.

I agree with Colin that the Mk 4 should not be a class on its own and I believe the Gold/Silver and Bronze fleets were a great idea so those less able or experienced (or a dog of a boat!) have a chance of winning a prize. As Colin states in the right conditions a Mk2 or Woody in the right hands will give a Mk 4 a run for its money. One good helm at our club won the last race in their Woody (against many Mk4s) even though it was already sold in preparation to buy a new Mk4! I suspect that a good helm in either v heavy winds or light winds could surprise a few Mk4s and the Mk 4 only comes into its own in marginal planning conditions. The Mk 4 is undeniably a better all round boat but regrettably I know that many good helms in a Woody or Mk2 +S will beat us in our Mk4 – but we will keep trying to improve!