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Hi Mike,

Thanks for all of that. Do you have any idea where and when the nationals may be next year? I know it is a long way away, but it would be good to start planning and seeing if it is feasible to come across………….
I know the idea of having the Nationals as part of a bigger regatta was discussed and most people at the Nationals this year were in favour of it. Abersoch Dinghy Week starts on the 21st July!

Maybe the Nationals could be part of a UKWA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES……….
So, here’s a proposal 💡 :
Irish, Scottish and UK Nationals, best two results to count, one discard allowed
High scoring system, so if there are 40 boats in the UK Nationals, the winner gets 40 points, in the Scottish or Irish nationals with 15 boats, the winner would get 15 points. If you dont sail, you dont get any points. It would be more than likely that someone who did reasonably well in the UK nationals and sailed in either the irish or Scottish event would stand a good chance of winning. ‘So what is the point?’ I hear you ask……..well from a selfish point of view, it would dramatically increase the standard of racing at the smaller events, with top helms present and ideas shared around.
UK Nationals are much more competitive but are weighted by virtue of the fact that the fleet is bigger. 😛

………Just an idea………would it encourage people to travel between the events? I don’t know.
Does anyone have an idea of how many people will be for the Circuit Series this year i.e. will sail enough events to not count a DNC in their results?

I am not so sure about a ‘Vintage Trophy’ if it was based on to many criteria – pre 1050, outside gold fleet, etc when there is already the potential of Bronze and Silver Fleets. If you look at the results of Weymouth, the Hartleys were spread throughout the fleet. But I usually sit on any fence that is around and will jump to one side eventually!