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Thank you to Trevor for starting this thread off and also thanks to those who are contributing. There are some good points being made here and we on the UKWA Committee will have a discussion about it all this coming w/e for the UKWA Committee Meeting that is happening in Derby. As I arrange and travel to most of the Open Meetings on the national circuit I obviously have a view as well and I think that Colin (sensible head that he has on his shoulders!) is mostly right when he says that, in the current climate, the cost of travelling (time taken packing a boat up at the home club, extra fuel towing a boat, time away from family and work) is the predominant factor in relatively low numbers at Open Circuit events at the moment. Over the last three or four years I have tried to organize Opens at places that are either ‘at’ or ‘near’ to clubs with known established Wayfarer fleets. Sometimes this has worked and others not; sometimes the visitors to a club out-number the locals and other times it is the other way around. We have to remember that the Wayfarer, wonderful boat that it is, has a multi-faceted appeal to people. Some people buy it for cruising and the family and others for racing. We all know of clubs that have numerous boats in the dinghy park and only a small percentage make it onto the water each weekend. There are some clubs where I take an Open meeting to and only one local boat takes part in the weekend; at other clubs sometimes 10 local boats take part. It seems to depend on the ‘local’ enthusiasm and the local class captain as much as anything else. What I will continue to do is to try and organize events at places where I have a degree of confidence that they are going to work – because of local fleet numbers – and I will take on board the points and try and spread the meetings geographically. Next year, 2012, I have events fixed for Aldeburgh, Blackwater, Medway, Shoreham, but swing around the south to include Hayling Island and going west to Swansea and Tata Steel SC’s club in south Wales. Hopefully some of the strong Irish contingent might be able to make it via Fishguard to south Wales and also pick up some people from Devon and Cornwall. I, like Colin, think that, as the economic situation improves, people will migrate back to the Open circuit when they feel more confidence that the money that they have in their pocket might stay there and not be nicked by inflation and frozen salaries. Best wishes, Mike