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I race all year round in a laser and agree that if you are getting wet then just hikers with a rash vest , one of roosters aquafleeces and a good pair of boots is more than sufficient in the summer … in the winter i wear a 3/2mm profile wet suit underneath my hikers with a thermal rash vest .This means that you can go in and still be able to train/race after as the materials probably work better when they are damp .

However i do some pottering around in a wayfarer and as i am confident enough in myself that i will not capsize as i will only sail in suitable weather conditions or de-power the sail i wear standard coastal keel boat clothing : Oilyes , Henri Lloyd smock and yachting boots , so far this has proven to be the best for me as it is defiantly more comfortable than a dry suit , almost as waterproof ( ensuring you don’t go in the water ) and much easier as getting ready takes 5 mins .

The main advantage of cruising in coastal gear is that if it gets to hot you can take the smock or jacket off and just have a tee-shirt on top , the comfort is unbeatable , and a good pair will dry out in 20mins left in the sun or a keen breeze.Also for the winter some good thermals such as the type used for skiing are ideal to wear underneath .