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intersting picutre: my keel has these thingies – one at each end of the slot – and it looks almost like yours did but they’ve gone missing at some point – the gaps are the right size.

[attachment=0:2yoxxpmi]keelband thingies.jpg[/attachment:2yoxxpmi]

maybe someone will know a) what the Y-shaped peices are called and b) where to get them.
Aluminium strip for the main keelbands is easy-ish to come by from custom car suppliers and I suppose if you felt determined you could make up some Y-peices – PM me and I can send you some strip (I could only buy 2m which was about 1.8m more than I needed!)
I found when I took off my slot gaskets and refitted them after painting that you need to be able to secure them all along the slot and at both ends, starting with a good secure fix on each strip at the for’ard end (John Mellor said at the cruising conference that gaskets be under a little tension fore-aft), so I suspect it MAY be good to come up with either some Y thingies or something like them, particularly at the for’ard end of the slot.

hope the picutre helps at least.

all best