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@Algol wrote:

OK, so I bought a load of lovely Harken gear to convert to centre main.

Note that the middle block on the boom can be replaced by some triangular cut rubber hose or some sail cloth to save some money. Study the picture of other boats on WIT for details. I use Ronstan which costs less then Harken. Only the block that really matters is by Harken, the auto ratchet on the swivel. No other brand has such a nice block.
@Algol wrote:

Now I need to plan to make a block to sit on the sloping rear of the c/b case to screw the swivel jammer onto.

Something like this perhaps:
@Algol wrote:

Question: What height should the swivel jammer be at?

What ever you feel comfortable with. There is only one thing to consider; Most crews like to slide with their bum over the thwart, and in light weather they often sit in the middle of the thwart. Make sure the main block is positioned some distance aft of the thwart to allow the crew to sit or tack in comfort. For the same reason most center main boats have the first block on the boom not plum above the swivel-jammer but a few inch further aft. This creates a bit more head room (back room?) for the crew between the kicker and the main halyard.
@Algol wrote:

As my plans are at present the swivel jammer’s base will be an inch or so below the level of the thwart.

Sounds good to me.