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@Algol wrote:

So I got the job done today. V pleased with it, but the proof will be in the sailing tomorrow.

That setup looks really nice and would look good on a boat in the top of the fleet. I see you went for the Harken gear all the way. You won’t regret it. And the cherry on top is that nice shiny varnish.

Two final remarks:
1. To hold up the sheet in the middle an expensive block can be avoided by adding a piece of sail cloth from side to side or by a 4″ long piece of 1″ garden hose, tapered at the ends similar to your spi-pole drain pipes.

2. I would fix the bridle much further out, near the end of the track. A simple way to do this is by drilling a horizontal hole through the track and then putting a pin of a round bar D-style shackle through it. These shackles are nice and smooth and won’t “bite” your bridle rope.
And if you insist on an adjustable bridle, take the rope through the D-shackle forward to a clam cleat on the inside of the gunwale, just in front of the aft bulkhead, where you can easily get at it. Then mark the bridle’s ends with some whipping twine to ease symmetrical cleating (port and starboard). There are more complex solutions that adjust both sides together, but that involves using expensive sheaves or blocks.