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Colin Parkstone

As I have said many times, call us what you like (and they do at our club ) we are NOT a one design class.

Point taken Bert, I get what your saying, Now! I took the point that I wanted the centreboard in the box!

Yes, the leading edge should be the measuring point like the depth is. Maybe its why we dont have many measurment points on the Mk4 as to measure the centreboard the above way we would need to know where the transom starts???

To leave the boat and moulds without any meaningfull measurements or way to keep the moulds for the builder in the same shape is foolhardy and never got my vote.

We as a class will be almost a one design in a few years when all our old boats go cruising and we all sail a Mk4.

No! I am not against the new boat, it is a ace boat and is the future of a dying class, Well Done Hartley.

Now,Im going sailing as my soapbox is moaning about my weight. No I dont have lead correctors just pork pies!

C P 😉