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interesting thread

I was told by an ex-wayfaring colleague of his dropping a modern outboard (suzuki or yamaha I think) in the drink, and how worried they’d been after doing it, only to find on getting home that it started on the first pull!

So the question is, was this a fluke? Will a modern 4-stroke engine stil work after imersion in water and/or going just past the horozontal? (assuming you have means to avoid turtling and that the engine was working when you set off!)

the oil problem is a separate factor: clearly these engines don’t mind being laid on the side they are designed to be stored on. on the other hand putting it in a locker/bag to keep it dry when not in use doesn’t get round the fact of the position of the engine whilst the boat is on its side when a capsize can in fact invert the engine!

as they say in my line of work … “we need more data!”