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Just a comment from an outsider!
5 years ago, we were looking for a boat to sail / race. My wife / crew had just come out of 12 months surgery, and couldn’t raise her arms above her head: hence a Wayfarer with a normal spinnaker pole was no good. Instead we got a Laser 2000 – as you can launch the spinnaker and pole by just pulling on one rope.

2 years ago we upgraded: again, the Wayfarer was no good, because of the need to reach above your head to get the pole onto the mast. Instead we went for a Merlin Rocket: because of the freedom of fittings, and the use of the light-weight carbon poles, it was very easy to rig up a “pull a rope to launch the pole” system. If you can allow carbon poles, that can be stored along the boom when not being used, then you will enable many more small / lightweight / young / unfit / older people to be able to sail competitively.

A gybe in the Merlin is a case of: release the pole rope, gybe the mainsail, pull the other pole launching rope. Quick and easy, and can be done sitting down without needing to go forward and bury the bow down a wave etc.

Cheers, Chris
Laser 2000 22116. Merlin 3666.