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Colin Parkstone

You can try and poop the party if you want Bert, it is your right!
One thing that you and i Bert have in common is size and strength but not all people in the fleet have that advantage when it comes to handling the spinnaker aand the pole in big winds.

What a carbon twin pole system can do is help thoes people with the spi from the safety of the boat by the use of ropes and pulleys but without having to pull the bigger and heavier alloy poles around the mast as they do at the moment.

Lighter carbon poles when used in the twin pole system work so much better than alloy!! The small crews of the Merlin fleet use nothing else!!

Yes they cost but then so do new sails !! They have a shelf life thats reseeding each time you sail but sometimes we buy items for your boat and crew that will last a lot longer and so your only have to buy it maybe ones in a long time.

I beleave that the twin pole system has not been used in many classes because the poles in alloy restricted a successfull use but has been taken up widely when Carbon has been allowed.

Good thing is that this is a system enhancement we are talking about, not a speed enhancement to a hull or rig.
We all make systems in our boats, to help us sail better!!!
This will just open another one!!