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Colin Parkstone

I will have to disagree with the no chock in front of the mast in strong winds??

That chock should allow he mast to bend forward yes,BUT stop the mast from binding the pin in the mast and king post.
So yes have movement forward with the mast but not more than the pin.

Also the rules state, no bolt forward of the mast heel in the step !!

Algol, the later is only part right, I take out chocks in light light winds to let the mast move forward and FLATTEN the entry to the sail, not for any bepth in the sail. WHY ?

Well, a sail only works when the wind exits the sail,ie flow.
So if the wind is very light it takes longer to get across a rounded or full sail and hangs on to it and takes longer to exhaust.

So a full entry is not good for light winds, flat entry, open leach via loose kicker is good.

Then as the wind rises it becomes stronger so it can flow across the sail and not stick to it, this is when you can put in some fullness and lean against it.

Then when the wind is strong, you cannot lean against it anymore so your want to flatten it so as to have less round and so the strong wind will exhaust fast again.

Bit simplistic but I hope helps, from light to strong, flat ,fuller, flat !

C P 😕