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Colin Parkstone

First thing to say but a bit late is that fibreglass moulding you have is very neat,not seen that before and is a class item as it is not covered by any class rule with regards to make,just does the job neatly.

Next, the gate does sound as though it is short to alow the mast to bend forward, have you made sure the tabanacle pin is in the right place from the transom.

If it is too far forward that will not help !Also measure the shroud base to the class rules!

I think I see a highfield lever on the mast for the genoa halyard, if not then you are going to need the aft pin in the heel to hold the mast against the pull of a mussel box.

One last thing to say is, each boat can differ so be preparded to not go too the class set up measurements to get what you want in set up. If the spreaders have to be past the 200mm or so to get prebend, then try it and see !!