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As replied before; get that “mast chock thing” out. Its is preventing your mast from bending and it is *not* a Wayfarer part. Next remove the pin from the mast step it may prevent mast foot movement. That too could prevent the mast from bending. It is later put back to line op the holes in the mast with the holes in the tabernacle. Finally, but only after the above has been done, you may need to help the mast a little by pushing it forward. While sailing the mast gets this push from the kicker and the boom.

The only permanent chocks you need are those that fix the mast sideways at deck level. Forward movement is restricted only in very light winds by easy removable, T-shaped chocks. These chocks go in from top to bottom, the top bar of the T prevents them from falling through. Made from 4mm ply, one chock only narrows the gap by 4 mm. If we want to close the entire gap we use several of those chocks or a beefier one.

All this is so simple and easy to explain in the dinghy park with real boats at hand, and so difficult through text messages, Again my best advice is to go out there and meet other Wayfarers! Bring a camera and make lots of pictures of rigging details on other boats. That is how I learned.