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@BluTak wrote:

Hi Swiebertje your advice makes good sense. I only cruise and reef rather than flattening the main over much. After what you’ve suggested I propose to get the sleeve welded around the edge to the mast. What do you think? I know a very good welder who will do it for me (my welding would no doubt melt the mast!). I’m afraid I am a very impecunious Wayfarer sailor and can’t afford a new mast. I’d value your advice. Robert

Welding aluminium can be done with specialised welding equipment. Also you need someone experienced in aluminium welding. Welding aluminium is much more difficult then welding steel. On top of that, the mast walls are rather thin. The average “friend who lives around the corner” welder can’t do it IMHO. But it has been done several times.

Be aware that a repaired mast cannot be used while racing and the characteristics will be different.

Not so long ago an US Wayfarer sailor fixed a broken mast by inserting a piece of ‘aluminum’ inside the mast to support it. His story is here: http://www.wayfarer-international.org/WIT/maint.repair.ref/mast.repair/mast.repair.html